The new Gas Free motorhomes
From 06 August 2019

The new Gas Free motorhomes

A new technology dedicated to plein air lovers who put autonomy and freedom first has been developed by the Research and Development Centre of Trigano Italia.

An innovative project that starting from current and advanced technologies introduces a new technology for motorhomes based on alternative energy sources but easily available everywhere.

The proposal is called tec' - total energy control technology and provides for the production of Gas Free motorhomes, therefore without gas cylinders and in complete energy autonomy. 

The tec' technology offers a new perspective for the motorhome holiday:

  • an ecofriendly impact;
  • an almost inexhaustible energy supply;
  • freedom of movement without any restrictions;
  • no longer any concern for depleted gas cylinders or incompatible fittings;
  • energy system that can be extended with AGM batteries and solar panels;

Easier to travel, whatever your destination.

The new technology is chosen for the first time by Roller Team, which applies it to two models in the Zefiro 2020 range, Zefiro 265 TL with folding central bed and Zefiro 284 TL with folding twin beds.

In exclusive preview at the Caravan Salon 2019, in Düsseldorf, from 31 August to 8 September, and at the Salone del Camper, in Parma from 14 to 22 September, Roller Team exhibits Zefiro 265 TL.

The tec' - total energy control technology represents a real revolution in terms of autonomy, safety and freedom of use: thanks to a sophisticated balance of on-board equipment, based on the considerable availability of electricity, the use of gas cylinders and the fear of being left without electricity are eliminated. All this is possible thanks to an efficient electrical system that ensures total energy autonomy even in the most unfavourable conditions and to a careful search for equipment offered by the industrial market. With this technology each motorhome is now Gas Free with the advantage of being able to circulate throughout Europe without any restrictions and without the obligation of periodic maintenance checks to the gas system.

How does tec' - total energy control technology work?

The efficiency of the sophisticated electrical system ensures total energy autonomy even in the most unfavourable conditions: this is the most innovative part of the technology that is based on a generator built on the principle of the Seeback effect that produces 150W/h, a technology still used today to provide power to space probes and Lunar Rovers.

The generator consists of a diesel heater and a cooling unit with intermediate cells that produce energy by exploiting the temperature difference between the two parts. A control unit manages the process autonomously, optimising battery charging and integrating with other energy sources. The management of the electrical system is fully automatic and activates the generator only when the batteries need energy, allowing the reduction of fuel consumption.

It is a silent system, whose only noise is produced by the flame of the heater and is equal to about 32.6 dB (which is practically equivalent to the fan of a PC). The generator is housed in the underbody so as to leave all the storage space free, reduce noise even more and allow easier maintenance if necessary.

No problems with the service of the device, thanks to a qualified network of specialised centres spread throughout Europe.

A technology, a teamwork.

The energy system of the generator can be modulated and extended to other systems for greater autonomy. This is why the Zefiro 265 TL is also supplied as standard with a high-efficiency 120 W solar panel and a 95 A AGM battery.

Other essential elements of total energy control technology are the 152-litre Thetford Slim Tower compressor refrigerator with 12/230 V power supply, the Truma Combi D4 stove and the Webasto X100 glass-ceramic hob powered by diesel fuel.

The 152-litre Thetford Slim Tower compressor refrigerator ensures excellent performance even at very high outside temperatures; among the special features of this model, which uses well-partialised regulation, are its silent operation and efficiency, highlighted by very low consumption.

The Webasto X100 glass ceramic hob has high safety features as it does not require gas, does not produce open flames and does not burn oxygen. The practical advantages of this appliance are several: above all the possibility of using larger pots and pans and the great ease in cleaning; an indicator light stays on as long as the top is warm, avoiding accidental burns. No problem when stopping at high altitudes thanks to a special button that optimises the combustion mixture.

New energy, more stowage.

A further advantage of the absence of gas cylinders is the greater stowage that tec' - total energy control technology offers. The external stowage space for cylinders results into more space for the kitchen: a volume of about 25 litres of capacity increases the space available in the two drawers already available to which is added a third even deeper.

Roller Team: more and more innovation for your holiday en plein air.

Roller Team, with the Zefiro 265 TL model, confirms its history as a reliable and well-constructed brand as everyone knows it (ExPS and Noise Reduction technologies, the Breathe System and the so-called I feel good! environment are at the basis of the project), and choosing this total energy control technology takes the road of tomorrow. What is hidden in the technology it uses transforms it from a travelling companion into a real ally to live a pure outdoor holiday: to travel and stop when you want, where you want... and from today, as you want.

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