Designed to breathe.


We guarantee a healthy, well-ventilated and condensate-free environment at all times, thanks to Breathe technology.
Because a motorhome cannot only be well insulated from the outside, it must also be well ventilated internally.


Through the study of air conditioning and indoor air circulation Roller Team introduces the motorhome that “breathes”.
The Respira-Breath project promotes the study of the distribution of air inside the motorhome by favouring its circulation, getting an even temperature and avoiding the accumulation of condensate.

Continuous ventilation. The wall units are installed leaving a gap from the wall of the motorhome, thus favouring an even distribution of air and avoiding the formation of condensate or mould.
A dedicated opening ensures free air circulation inside the wall units. A dedicated opening ensures free air circulation inside the wall units.


Anti-condensate panels spaced from the wall itself in the living and sleeping areas allow air and heat to circulate.

The slatted bases on all rear fixed beds and elevating bed allow air to pass between the base and the mattress.


Bottom of mattresses made of technical, quilted breathable fabric. Top and sides made of quilted polyester.

Overcab heating with additional vents.

Perimeter heating in models with twin beds or rear transversal bed.

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